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Kirkland/Totem Lake Area Pet Trust

T.A.R.P. Trust: The Critter Doctor Trust for Abandoned or Relinquished Pets

Giving Tuesday, Nov 28th, the Global Day of Giving

This holiday season, help us help needy pets for Giving Tuesday, Novmeber 28th, the Global Day of Giving in 2017. This is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of worldwide needs, and reminds all of us that it's time to step up and give. Donate today and save a pets life! We will be accepting donations through January, and every dollar you donate will go towards bettering the life of an animal in need. To learn more, watch the videos featured below or call our office today at (425) 823-6762.

Pet Rescue and Adoption

The Critter Doctor Pet Rescue Trust was established to provide medical and adoption services for abandoned or relinquished pets. Over the past few decades the fund has enabled dozens of cats and dogs to regain their health and find “forever” homes.

As an incentive to help raise money for the Pet Rescue Trust Fund, Critter Doctor Animal Hospital has created what we call our “Paws for a Cause" tile wall, on which we invite our clients to create artistic ceramic tiles featuring their pets in return for a donation to the fund. In addition, Critter Doctor makes a monetary contribution and provides a tile as a special memorial to our deceased patients.

The Critter Doctor T.A.R.P. is sustained through generous donations by people like you. If you'd like to donate, we accept Paypal (click the donate button below), as well as checks made out to “Critter Doctor Trust Fund," which can be mailed to Critter Doctor, 11828 Slater Ave. NE, Suite 100, Kirkland, WA 98034.

Of course you’re always welcome to stop by and see the “Paws for a Cause” tile wall in-person and donate on the spot!

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption

Contributions to the fund are now tax-deductible in most cases (consult your tax professional for more information), as the fund is now a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption

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Pet Rescue Success Stories

Over the years, Critter Doctor has rescued dozens of pets whose owners can no longer care for them for a variety of reasons, or who were simply left on our doorstep. Below are just some of the stories of the animals we have saved. We hope these stories inspire you to do all you can to help pets in need.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption

This is Wally!

Supported by the Trust Fund For Abandoned and Relinquished Pets (TARP), Wally came to us because his owner understood that he needed an environment with more action, animals and attention. Wally was never a "bad cat," but he acted out and played too rough with his former owner. We believed he should go to a family with other playful cats or people where he could expend his energy in a positive way. Wally was a rambunctious little boy who wanted to play, play, play.

Wally was adopted, and has settled in with his new cat brother who he loves to play and snuggle with, and with his owner who came into his life just when he needed her! Good luck, Wally! We love you.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Although he looks a little menacing, Spooky is really quite nice! We found him on our doorstep on the first of October with no note or explanation, just the carrier he arrived in. He's a beautiful and (most importantly) healthy cat, so we can only suppose that his parents could no longer afford to take care of him and abandoned him with no other options. We're not sure how old he is of course, but Dr. Bernstein approximates that he's 2-3 years old. He's a friendly boy, coming out of his shell. He's curious and has a great, purring motor.

We vaccinated Spooky, and he was soon after adopted by Critter Doctor client, Rich Carlson.
kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Ramona, completely recovered from a hernia surgery, found a new home with long-time Critter Doctor client Jessica Stern.

Jessica says she had to call our hospital when she saw Ramona’s picture pop up on Facebook just two days after her older cat, Madeline, succumbed to cancer. Jessica’s decision to adopt Ramona was made easier because of Critter Doctor’s willingness to permit Jessica to foster Ramona until she was sure of the fit. “The last thing I wanted,” she said, “was to take this lovely little kitty and then find out it wasn’t going to work and then have to take her to a shelter.”

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Mae was found wandering around a park near Ellensburg, Washington. She was severely matted with no collar and with no one claiming her. She's young, healthy, affectionate and usually has her tongue sticking out!

Mae was adopted by Gwen Anderson & Alison Showalter! They fostered her before they decided to keep her. We love it!

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Olivia is a sweet 1-year-old kitty who came to us with injuries that included a body-wall hernia (where some of her organs were not where they were supposed to be). Our best guess was that she fell from a second story rooftop. Her owner loved her very much, but couldn't afford such an unexpected and expensive surgery. She had surgery with us in February with the help of the Trust Fund. All of her organs are now back in place!

Olivia was adopted by Critter Doctor clients Holly Koelling and Chris Orth and is thriving in her new home with her kitty playmate, Jake.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


When Buddy was taken in by our hospital, he had a torn cruciate ligament, lacked energy and seemed unable to enjoy his daily life. A year after successful knee surgery, Buddy is now fully recovered. He's happy and more mobile every day, as well as full of energy and positively playful! He loves kids and adults, gets along with cats, and does well with other dogs once he has been appropriately socialized.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption
Buddy has now found a new home. Buddy is pictured here with his foster parent, Mike Tovra, and his new forever parents, the Leach family.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Emu arrived at Critter Doctor a few years back with a history of severe weight loss after having disappeared from his home for a couple months. He was urinating frequently and was extremely weak in his hind limbs. A series of blood and urine tests revealed that Emu was suffering from diabetes that— left untreated—would be fatal.

Emu received insulin injections along with a special diet and lots of TLC. Several months later he blossomed from an emaciated seven pounds to a robust 12 pounds, and was moving around with only a slight residual impairment to his hind limbs. Like many diabetic cats that initially require insulin shots, Emu’s condition is completely controlled by use of a specially formulated canned food.

Emu’s happy ending didn't end with his recovery. Emu was adopted by long-time Critter Doctor client, Jill Steinhaus.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption

Morgana Le Fay

Morgana Le Fay came to Critter Doctor when she was just three months old after suffering a traumatic fall which fractured both of her rear legs. Her owners could not afford the necessary care and opted to relinquish her to Critter Doctor. Unfortunately one leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. But luckily, being young and resilient, Morgana has learned to get along just fine as a “tripod.”

Her new owner, Critter Doctor assistant Melinda Dosing, says, "She gets into more trouble than most four-legged cats!"

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption

Jack Black

Jack Black is a 6-year-old, indoor-only cat who showed up in Critter Doctor's busy parking lot on a hot Saturday in August. He was left in his carrier behind a parked car with a sad note on top.

Jack's owners had owned him since he was 8-weeks-old and through a series of unfortunate events could no longer afford to keep him. They described him as a very loving boy and hoped we could find him a good home.

Jack found his forever home with Jamie Rauch in September 2011.
kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Cala-Kitty's original owners could not afford surgery for her and relinquished her to the Critter Doctor so we could perform the necessary procedure with help from the Critter Doctor T.A.R.P. Fund. A door had fallen on then pregnant Cala-Kitty, breaking her pelvis and causing her to abort her litter. But after an emergency spay and two weeks of “bed rest,” she was fine.

She was then adopted by the Kelly family who had recently lost their own kitty to cancer. This was a particularly intense loss for Rachel Kelley, who grew up alongside their 17-year-old cat.

The Kelly family says, "Cala-Kitty loves to wake us up in the middle of the night to purr in our ears and give us kisses. And she actually grooms me—I think she thinks I'm her kitten!”

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption

John Doe Dog

John Doe Dog is one dog’s fairy tale come true. John Dog, as we at Critter Doctor affectionately called him, showed up on our door step without his owner one spring evening several years ago.

He was a ratty, matty mess, with overgrown hair, fleas and a painful skin infection. Using Critter Doctor Trust Fund resources, we cleared John’s infection, neutered and vaccinated him and took him to be professionally groomed. Lo and behold, under all that fuzz was a pure bread miniature schnauzer!

Critter Doctor fostered John Dog for several months until one day, as Doc Wendy was giving Lizzie Zielke her annual physical exam, the story of John came up. The Zielkes asked to meet John, fell in love at first sight, and decided to adopt him. They even bought a new house for him. They are now all living happily ever after.

John Dog and Lizzie live with David and Lesli Zielke, their human servants. John and Lizzie are now best buddies.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Tiffany enjoys connecting condos. One of her favorite things to do is to stick her head from one condo into the next, just to have a look around and pose for the camera. Good job Tiffany. Nice pose.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


We're still working on finding a picture of this cutie! She was one of the four Ellensburg hoarder cats. She's temporarily in a foster home, which is great because it gets her out of a kennel and into a home environment.

kirkland, wa veterinary hospital pet rescue and adoption


Who wouldn't want a little dose of this cutie? This is Motor, who was found nestled in a car engine in a repair shop across the street from our office. Yes, you read that right. Inside the engine! Evidently he wanted a little warmth.

Doctor Wendy thought he was maybe 3-weeks-old when we found him, but we were very sure about one thing: he was absolutely adorable! He has now been adopted by our former vet technician, Leanna. She just couldn't resist him!

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