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Kirkland Veterinarians

Meet Kirkland's Best Veterinary Team

vets in kirkland, waDr. Wendy Bernstein, D.V.M., C.C.R.T.

Critter Doctor Animal Hospital has been privately owned and operated by Kirkland veterinarian, Dr. Wendy Bernstein, for the past 19 years. She is veterinarian who firmly believes in educating her clients in healthy pet practices and nutrition so their pets can live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Raised in southern California, Dr. Bernstein attended both UCLA and UC Berkeley, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. She then went on to UC Davis where she earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. As a third-year student she was awarded a summer fellowship at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

After becoming a veterinarian—something she had her mind set on from the time she was 8 years old—Dr. Bernstein practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years before becoming a veterinarian in Kirkland, Washington. To get the lay of the land, she worked for a few local veterinarians before beginning her own practice.

In addition to her veterinary diagnostic talents and surgical skills, she brings a true passion towards caring for her patients, as anyone who has ever met her will testify. This translates into not just caring about her patients but also following up on all those little medical devils that are often in the details.

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veterinarian, kirklandDr. Deana McReynolds, D.V.M.

Dr. Deana McReynolds received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 from Washington State University. She has practiced in the Seattle/Tacoma area ever since. She believes that we live healthier, happier lives when sharing that life with an animal. She is dedicated to helping your pet live a long, happy life.

Her passions include nutrition, behavioral medicine and gentle handling and restraint techniques. She has helped several clinics become certified as feline friendly to help encourage more feline patients being brought in to the clinic for examination.

Dr. Deana has shared her life with both dogs and cats in the past, including two English bulldogs. She now lives in SeaTac with a crazy yellow lab/greyhound mix named Kia.

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kirkland, wa veterinariansDr. Louise Rutter, D.V.M.

Dr. Louise Rutter was born into a house with two older siblings and an ever-evolving menagerie including guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, fish, budgerigars, lizards and one dog (her mom drew the line at snakes). Even as a child, she knew she was always going to work with animals, and in Britain at that time, exposure to James Herriot was inescapable; so by the age of 11 she had decided she was going to be a veterinarian. She never found a reason to change her mind. But she didn’t share James Herriot’s fondness for draughty, nocturnal cow-sheds, so her commitment to become a small animal veterinarian was firm from the start.

She had a dramatic conversion to dermatology during her first year in practice. At university she had found it a rather dry subject, where all the patients had the same symptoms—they itched, they turned red and they went bald. At work, she found there are few things more satisfying than curing a dog that has itched constantly for years, and her interest in skin cases was sealed.

Despite being raised with a dog, her working lifestyle was more suited to cats, and she discovered she was perhaps even more of a cat person. Understandably felines are her favorite patients at our Kirkland animal hospital. Her husband got a job in Washington State in 2004, so the two cats and Dr. Rutter came with him. So began Dr. Rutter's tenure as a veterinarian.

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