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Dr. Michel Kat


Dr. Kat was born and raised in California. She completed her undergraduate studies in psychology from UCI, and then pursued her pre veterinary curriculum at UCLA. After obtaining her veterinary degree from Western University of Health Sciences, she moved to the east coast where she practiced in New York and New Jersey. Upon discovering Washington, she kicked herself for not having stumbled upon this stunning state any sooner. Having resided on both ends of the coast, she has observed approaches to medicine as diverse as the people who bring their pets in. She believes a sustainable outlook to advocating for pet welfare is partnering with pet owners so that they can make an informed decision. Dr. Kat appreciates all things fermented and is a sports fanatic who happens to practice medicine. She inspires to bring the team spirit and drive for excellence into the clinical setting. What gets her up in the mornings, other than a toilet trained cat, are the hopes of a basketball team returning to Seattle.


Greta is an adventure junkie who wants to see all the places, do all the things, and meet
every dog along the way. Originally from Rochester, NY she has lived in Ireland, Alaska, New
Orleans, and, of course, her favorite, Seattle. Of the things she has tried so far yoga, hiking,
snowboarding, and scuba diving are her favorite. Her favorite pet is her own dog, Buttons, but
she’ll think yours is a close second!

Greta has loved animals since she was little when her family owned 4 parakeets, 2
turtles, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 9 horses. Fostering her love for animals, Greta pursued a career in
animal care interning at the Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida and joining the
education teams at the Audubon Zoo in Louisiana and Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle. She
holds a masters degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology from Miami University.
Greta started in Veterinary Medicine as a receptionist 6 years ago and has been a
general practice veterinary assistant for the last 4 years. She is an avid supporter of
preventative medicine and building strong partnerships with owners to keep pets healthy. She is excited to be joining this dream team and growing into her new role at Critter Doctor!



Paitin grew up in West Seattle with her dad and two sisters. When visiting her mom in Eastern Washington, she would frequently sneak in abandoned/stray kittens to foster and care for as her own. As an adult not much has changed, and Paitin shares her household with her very own clowder of cats. (A total of FIVE!) Moogana, Gaius, Turbo, Tina, and Chestnut. When she’s not at work or caring for her cats, she enjoys being crafty and sneakily adding to her house plant collection without her significant other knowledge.

Paitin started working with animals in high school helping her grandmother with her grooming business. She later started her career in the veterinary field in 2015 as a Veterinary Receptionist at an emergency hospital. From there, she went on to work 2 years in the pet insurance industry and has partnered with animal rescues such as Pawsitive Alliance to help pets find homes. She started as a Veterinary Receptionist at the Critter Doctor in August of 2019 and has worked her way up to be our very own Lead Veterinary Assistant! She looks forward to developing relationships with our clients and their pets and learning more about veterinary medicine!



Amanda first started her career with dogs when she was four years old, washing
her own dogs in her childhood home. She soon graduated to cutting her stuffed
animal’s hair with kitchen scissors and taming wild kittens in her mom’s pet shop.
In 2008 she joined her mom at a grooming and boarding facility where she
strived to learn everything she could about taking care of animals and grooming
dogs. She learned the ins and out of the business including training, taking care
of, bathing, and grooming dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments.

It was a goal of Amanda’s to get into the veterinary field as a vet tech.  She had
never had the chance to learn the inside scoop of veterinary medicine until a
position opened up at critter doctor. Her favorite thing about working at Critter
Doctor is how different each patient is and how specific their needs can be.

In her free time, Amanda goes to college in Seattle, working to obtain her master’s
in social work so she can work with children in foster care one day. She enjoys
hiking and camping with her two dogs, Maia and Scrappy Doo, when she is on a
break from school. She is a Seattle native who loves to travel, check out new
bars and restaurants, and see live music.



Working with animals has always come as second nature to Josh as he started his career here at the critter doctor animal hospital in early June of 2020. Josh grew up right here in Kirkland where he lived in a little zoo of his own. Growing up with his sister and two brothers there was always some sort of animal in the household. Having a range of dogs growing up from Labradors to Chihuahuas, His dad had an assortment of fish, and his brothers with their reptiles. Josh who is a roommate to our Vet assistant lead now lives with five cats, Moogana, gauis, turbo, chestnut and tina. He owns a uniquely colored bearded dragon named Hama, a dog named Koda and an assortment a fish from dwarf gourami’s to tetras to loaches and Plecostomus’s. Josh’s love for animals goes beyond just his own, he has been known to go the distance when finding stay cats. He recently found a rehomed a stray cat, after looking for his original home he was able to find a loving owner for the precious little guy. Josh is really looking forward to bringing his natural skills with animals into the veterinarian field.

Caring for pets and their people.

At Critter Doctor Animal Hospital, expect exceptional care and service for your furry friends.


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