Need to chat with your vet? There’s an app for that!

What if you could chat with the veterinary care team at Critter Doctor Animal Hospital when you’re worried about your pet?

Petriage is a telehealth app that allows you to do just that, while also rapidly assessing whether or not your pet requires medical attention. With Petriage, you can ask questions, post pictures and videos, get advice or clarification, provide updates after vet visits and surgery, and schedule appointments.

If your pet has a Companion Care Plan with Critter Doctor, Petriage Premium is available to you as an added benefit. If your pet does not have a care plan, you can still use the Petriage Analysis Tool for FREE. The Analysis Tool determines how urgently your pet should be seen.


A yearly Petriage Premium membership is included in all of our Care Companion Plans.
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Account Types

free essential membership

With a free Essential membership you have 24/7 access to the Petriage Analysis tool, letting you evaluate the urgency of your pet’s symptoms day or night. eCheck remote monitoring also keeps your vet in the loop after your pet receives care.

Premium account membership

If your pet has a Companion Care Plan with Critter Doctor, you’ll also get access to eConsult remote consultation. Engage your family vet on-demand, share photos and videos in a real-time chat, and get the guidance you need from the doctors you trust.

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