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Such a kind, friendly, understanding, patient, respectful, and thorough veterinary practice. Very happy I took my cat here!

Was referred to this place by a friend for a second opinion and learned they could do a dental procedure cheaper than the other vet I tried (though, of course, your mileage may vary). I was then impressed by their thorough understanding and explanation of my cat’s problem during his examination. Plus, it was just right down the street from me, which helped quite a bit since my cat doesn’t like car rides.

Great place, would highly recommend! Quite puzzled by the low reviewers since none of the people I interacted with there seemed rude or disrespectful at all, and my cost estimate was fairly accurate and detailed. I’ll definitely keep going to this place for pet needs ud83dude42


These folks are our primary vets for both our cat and dog. The two vets here are always helpful and friendly. In particular they have been intentionally trying to make the first visits our puppy makes to their office primarily fun so she learns to enjoy them. They’ve also been knowledgeable and professional when our pets have had their various medical issues.
Matt A.

My wife and I adopted a 1 year old golden in July which came to us with a rash and almost hive like bumps. The staff and Vets at Critter Doctor have been great. They cleared up the initial rash quickly and started walking us through the different options as we sorted out his allergies all the while doing their best to keep our expenses down. My sister-in-law has also been taking her 13 year old lab here for her entire life and the staff has been wonderful with her as well. The vets have also been great about returning calls and questions that we have had along the way.
William W.

The staff and great vet took care of my cat for years and did a wonderful job. They were always concerned that the right thing was done for Syphon. Sadly I moved to Oregon and can no longer use their services. Keep up the good work!
Robert W.

Was so happy to have found this place. Dr Kat and her staff get 10 stars! Would
recommend them as I work at a grooming salon and clients ask me where they should
take their pup. Now I know where to send them!

Tammy S.

I cannot say ENOUGH GOOD THINGS about Dr. Kat and her team to do them justice. I
have lived in this area for 62 years, and have always had pets. I have never found a vet
that even came CLOSE to demonstrating the professionalism that this team has given
me….and I have been to MANY OTHERS, with numerous bad experiences. From our
initial visit to The Critter Doctor, and several followups for tests and dental work, I felt
well-informed, respected, and cared for, and I knew my 2 cats were in the right hands.
The prices are excellent, there is plenty of parking, and they aren’t too busy that you
can’t get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time. Dr. Kat called me personally
to discuss the course of action, and answered all my questions in a very thorough,
educational, and caring manner. I am happy to report that both my cats are now in good
health, thanks to Dr. Kat and her team of experts!!! Highly recommended–you won’t
ever go to another veterinary clinic once you have visited The Critter Doctor!!!”

Carol S.

My poor pup needed to be seen, they were the only clinic that would take her that day. I
drove all the way from Easton, WA. So thankful for their love and kindness towards my
dog. Very professional, very kind and prompt. Very much recommend!

Taylor B.

Friendly knowledgeable people, great location and fair prices. Super good vet, GREAT practice and worth checking out. ud83dude42
Joel P.

Caring for pets and their people.

At Critter Doctor Animal Hospital, expect exceptional care and service for your furry friends.



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